We need your help to improve COVID-19 vaccine access in Montana!


Improving COVID-19 vaccine access is the goal of Project ALIVE, (Acessible Life-saving Integrated Vaccine Equity) brought to you by the Assoication of Programs for Rural Independent Living (APRIL), The Partnership for Inclusive DIsaster Strategies, Summit Independent Living and Living Independently for Today & Tomorrow (LIFTT)

Living Independently for Today & Tomorrow (LIFTT) is currently working with The Partnership for Inclusive Disaster Strategies, The Association of Programs for Rural Independent Living, and Summit Independent Living on Project ALIVE (Accessible Life-Saving Integrated Vaccine Equity). Through Project ALIVE we hope to identify and where possible remove barriers to COVID-19 vaccines for Montanans with disabilities living in rural areas and to help those wanting a vaccine and needing support to access one.

To get started on this task we need your help identifying barriers to COVID-19 vaccine access in your communities! Please click on one of the links below and either take the online survey or download a paper survey. Let us know about your experiences with accessing the COVID-19 vaccine.

Project ALIVE is rooted in the values of self-determination and self-direction. The project does not seek to persuade or convince. Project ALIVE will serve as a resource for those who want the vaccine and those seeking further information in order to make an informed decision.

At the bottom of this page you can view an episode of LIFTT’s “Living Well in Montana” where Corby Skinner talks with LIFTT team member Jed Barton and Priya Penner of the Partnership for Inclusive Disaster Strategies about Project ALIVE and review the survey questions.

 Your answers will be fully anonymous and will be used for internal purposes of this project that will help Project ALIVE identify barriers and implement strategies. For more information about Project ALIVE or to request assistance in completing the survey or to receive the survey in an alternative format please contact LIFTT team member John Robison at (406) 294-5188 or through our contact page.