Institutional Transition & Diversion

One of LIFTT’s core services is helping consumers make the transition from being institutionalized, isolated, and segregated to becoming well-adjusted, integrated members of the community. We work with people to find their way to an independent life. Making sure the consumer is ready to be an active member of society means that we cover a wide array of situations that they might encounter while on the road to independent living. We are here to assist in the transition no matter what the needs of the consumer. We have an independent living specialist on standby ready to help.

To that end, LIFTT advocates for increased availability of information. We work to provide consumers with connections to services that allow consumers to exit or avoid a situation in an institutional setting. We help consumers confidently navigate through the city. We help them make living and thriving in the community possible.

These services include but are not limited to:

  • Affordable and Accessible Housing
  • Public Transportation
  • Medicaid Home and Community-based Services (HCBS)
  • Independent Living Skills Training
  • And more!
Three young people with downs syndrome looking at an iPad together.

Does Institutional Transition and Diversion really work?

Donna came to LIFTT requesting assistance with living on her own, writing her own will, applying for Medicaid and SSDI, and finding reliable transportation. Our IL Specialist provided her with step-by-step instructions and provided her all the information and documentation she needed to be successful. The IL Specialist supported her by giving her contact information to our affiliates, provided texts to read, and explained every step that she would encounter. We worked with her to achieve her goal. Donna’s greatest attributes were compliance, patience, and her self-determination to get everything she needed. She was proactive in the process, making for a successful outcome. Donna followed all steps toward her goals and worked to confidently check off each accomplishment along the way!

For more information about Institutional Transition and Diversion services from LIFTT contact us at (406) 259-5181 or send a message through our website:

Young people with downs syndrome looking at an iPad together